From the Inside Out: Inner and Outer Ergonomics
Dr Anikó Ball, BDSc, a dentist and Alexander Technique teache in Melbourne, Australia talks with Robert Rickover about why it is so important to consider Inner Ergonomics principles when addressing work-related strain and pain issues. Dr Ball’s website: Robert’s website: More information about Inner Ergonomics: More information about the Alexander Technique: You can learn how to support this and other Alexander Technique websites at

Ergonomics and the Alexander Technique
Leah Zhang, an Alexander Technique teacher in Los Angeles talks with Robert Rickover about the connections between these two fields, and about her work as an Ergonomics Specialist at UCLA. Leah’s website: Robert teaches in Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto, Canada. Website: More information about ergonomics and the Alexander Technique: Information about the Alexander Technique: