Robert’s easy going yet direct control of the interview made me feel quite comfortable. These podcasts are an important contribution to the Alexander community and a wonderful way of getting the word out to the public.Jessica Wolf, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, New York City

The podcast turned out even better than I imagined! Wow! It was so much fun listening to it and I think it went really well. I think we both explained some of the Alexander Technique principles well within the context of the conversation. Thank you again for everything!!! You are an AT Super Star!!! – Tami Bulmash, an Alexander Technique teacher, Tampa, Florida

Robert’s questions gently steered me in exactly the right directions, and left me with a satisfying sense of having spoken to the essentials without unnecessary sidetracking.Erik Bendix, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Ashville, North Carolina

Robert is an excellent interviewer and creates a good flow and rapport. He made the interview seem easy. Michael Frederick, Director of Alexander Technique Workshops International

I was concerned beforehand about speaking without preparation. Thank goodness for Robert’s skills as an interviewer. He made the interviews seem effortless. It was more like a conversation between friends than being on stage without a script. – Marta Curbelo, Teacher of the Alexander Technique in New York City, Norwalk, CT and Santa Fe, NM.

I really enjoyed the interview. The headphones made me feel wonderfully important (!), and I thought Robert did a great job of steering and clarifying. – Sussana Scouller, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, London, England