I have been listening to your Podcasts for well over a year. i have been so inspired by you and your guests that I enrolled in a teacher training program.Deborah Pernell, Syracuse, NY

Your podcasts are enormously useful to me. As a beginning student of Alexander Technique, they reinforce and broaden my understanding of what I am learning and introduce new perspectives to consider. Thank you! – Martina Jacobs, Director of Alumni Relations at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, Pittsburgh, PA

I listen to this podcast while driving my car  and I often feel lighter and freer just by listening! There is so much great information in these podcasts. Thank you so much Robert for sharing!Eric Miller, Alexander Technique teacher, Farmington, Connecticut

Your podcasts have become the new NPR in my car. – Kristen Fryer, Alexander Technique teacher, Cincinnati, Ohio

I have been listening to your Body Learning podcast for seven years and I have wanted to reach out many times to thank you. Your content is so valuable. It provided me with new ideas and perspectives when I was desperate for them. I was a new mom, had recently lost my father, and was also trying to get over damaging graduate school experience in classical voice. I had daily neck and shoulder pain and was singing with tremendous tension. I knew that my tension was affecting my singing and my throat became sore after reading to my toddler. Your podcast was a way for me to learn and gain new ideas without being judged for my life choices, how well I was paying attention, or how quickly my singing improved.

I listened to the podcast for two years before I went to an AT teacher for private lessons. A year after that, I signed up for an AT summer workshop with Debi Adams at Boston Conservatory. After that workshop, I entered her teacher training program and now I am approaching the end of my training.

I am a rising third year AmSAT trainee in Sandra Bain Cushman’s School in Charlottesville, Va. I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for your creation and maintenance of the Body Learning website. As it became more difficult to train in 2020, your site was one of the main tools that kept me feeling connected to my own explorations and a larger Alexander community. For 6 days a week over a period of almost 8 months, I listened to at least an hour of your podcast while going for walks or sitting outside. Christina Flemming, Charlottesville, Virginia

The technique has changed my life and I don’t know how I would have gotten into it without your podcast. AT has given me the capacity to take on more: more children (3 now!), more life skills, more vocal skills, more teaching skills. – Jacqueline Novikov, Musician and Alexander Technique teacher trainee, Boston

I listen to your Body Learning podcast often more that once a day. I’m so inspired by the way you have brought the individualized work of so many teachers into an easily accessible format for the benefit of countless people. I have learned so much from listening in on these conversations. I have yet to hear a podcast of yours that didn’t interest me. I admire the balance between your questions of your guests and your reflections of what they are saying, filtered through and also reflecting your own thoughts and experience.

There’s some combination of a depth of understanding, and a desire to share with your guest and the listener a truly careful examination of the usefulness and fascinatingly elusive nature of Alexander’s work.

I’m grateful for being a student of it. I never thought I’d find a practice so endlessly challenging and rewarding. Your work helps me and enriches my practice, and helps me feel part of a community of like-minded people. THANK YOU!! – Eric Feinstein, Enfield, New York

These podcasts are a really valuable resource for the Alexander community of teachers and students to help them learn more about the application of the Technique to particular activities or conditions, and for those who would like to find out more before committing themselves to lessons. I often recommend them to students who have an interest in a particular field, and also to pass on to others they know who might benefit from the Technique. – Sandra Riddell, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Edinburgh, Scotland

I have started listening to your podcasts on my way to school in the mornings.  It is truly a delightful way to start the day!Debi Adams, Teacher of the Alexander Technique in Boston, Massachusetts and Director of the Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course at the Boston Conservatory of Music

I just wanted to thank you (again!) for your Body Learning podcasts! Yesterday, in my Eastman School of Music Alexander Technique class we were talking about Alexander Technique directing and I was so glad to offer many ways to think about Direction! Classic, Negative, Freedom, Neutral (Simplified Skeleton), and Gravity/Support.Katie Fittipaldi, Alexander Technique teacher in Rochester, New York

I so enjoy the podcasts – Robert is a great listener and does a great job of clarifying and simplifying what the guest is saying. It’s like having a comfortable lesson at my own home!Lilly Sutton, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Knoxville, Tennessee